Central Refrigerated Truck Driving Academy

Central Refrigerated Services Truck Driving Academy

Do You Want a Career or Just a Trucking Job?

You will not find a better program in the country! As you follow this career path with Central Refrigerated, you will find yourself achieving the quality of life that you have been searching for!

The Central Refrigerated Career Path

Central Refrigerated Truck Driving Academy Step One: Earn your CDL in 2 weeks through a Central Refrigerated Truck Driving Academy. Low Cost, $0 Down, 0% interest, No Credit Check.

Central Refrigerated Truck Driving Academy Step Two: Immediate Job Placement with a Central OTR Instructor for a 4-week hands-on learning experience.

Central Refrigerated Truck Driving Academy Step Three: Upgrade to your very own truck and experience the independent lifestyle that you've been waiting for. Begin earning $0.29/mile starting pay, with benefits starting after 90 days.

Central Refrigerated Truck Driving Academy Step Four: Become an Independent Contractor. Earn $0.85/mile plus incentives and fuel surcharge. Watch your income immediately increase as you continue running premium miles with Central Refrigerated.

Central Refrigerated Truck Driving Academy Step Five: Train new drivers as an Independent Contractor. You may instantly increase your income by an additional 50% - 100%. Our top-earning Independent Contractor of 2006 grossed over $285,000!!

Central Refrigerated Truck Driving Academy Class A Course

Course Information:

Central Refrigerated Truck Driving Academy Class A Course We offer a Class A Commercial Driver's License Training Course at a low cost. The course initially provides classroom instruction to prepare you to pass the written permit tests. After passing the written permit tests, you continue the course with hands-on training by an instructor behind the wheel. The length of the course is 160 hours. Classes start every Monday with classes running Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. We also offer a discounted 90-hour refresher course if you already hold a Class A CDL.

Cost Information:

Central Refrigerated Truck Driving Academy Class A Course The tuition for the 160-hour Class A CDL Training Course is $3,000. The tuition for the 90-hour Class A CDL Refresher Course is $2,000. If you qualify, Central Refrigerated has agreed to finance your course of study for zero dollars down with 0% interest. While you are employed by Central Refrigerated, you are credited 60% of your tuition costs each week until the loan is paid in full. Therefore, when you remain employed with Central Refrigerated for one year, you will have your tuition completely paid off!

Job Placement:

Central Refrigerated Truck Driving Academy Class A Course

Immediately upon completion of the course, you are placed into employment with Central Refrigerated Service, a premier truckload carrier with a number of locations across the United States. As an employee of Central Refrigerated, you will experience additional training with a competitive income. You will also be exposed to a number of different opportunities to progress in your career as a Commercial Driver. Many of our graduates have gone on to become successful trainers and lease operators, thus improving their income and overall lifestyle.

Central Refrigerated seriously believes in career growth. We do not want this to be just a trucking job. We have made it possible for anyone that goes through our Academy, with the help of our Insurance company, to qualify to lease a truck from us at just 3 months. At that time, Central will then wipe the note of your school debt clean with our Signing bonus. This is so beneficial to you - you will make $10,000 - $12,000 more in your first year than you would have, had you remained on as a company driver! In your second year as an Owner Operator, you will be making $20,000 more than a company driver at 2 years. It's a no-brainer!

With this option, the only cost to you is the purchase of your license.

You will not find a better program in the country. This is a priceless career path that gives you the lifestyle you are looking for. Apply Today!

Housing Options Available:

Central Refrigerated pays for all travel costs to assist all out-of-area students. No matter where you live in the 48 states, we are able to get you to the nearest school campus. In addition to covering the travel costs, Central will pay for all housing costs for out-of-area students.

Central Refrigerated Truck Driving Academy Class A Course
Admissions Requirements

You must meet with a Central Refrigerated Recruiter to determine if you meet our requirements before enrolling such as employment history, driving record, criminal background, etc.

Central Academy Locations:

West Valley City, UT 84120-1252