OK, You Just Graduated From Truck Driving School!! Now What?

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OK, You Just Graduated From
Truck Driving School !!
Now What ??
Are You Tired of the Same Old Song & Dance from So Many of the Company Recruiters ??
Are You Ready To Be Treated As
A True Professional Truck Driver ??
TTJ Recruiting is here to assist you in finding that Great Truck Driving Job, with a "World-Class Carrier," that offers incredible opportunities and training, world-class equipment, generous home-time programs, competitive benefits and much more.

So, if you are ...
  • Ready to start your truck driving career.
  • Ready to understand that Truck Driving, especially just out of Truck Driving School is NOT a 9 to 5 job.
  • Ready to separate yourself apart from the "Rest of the Pack"
  • Ready to show that you have the Qualities, Core Values, & Behaviors of a Top Performer.
  • Ready to be treated as a Professional, and NOT just as "Meat in the Seat"
Then start by completing our
on-line assessment and application today !!


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