$1125 Weekly Guarantee! $1650 In Bonuses Your First 3 Checks

$1125 Per Week Minimum GUARANTEED! Start at 45 CPM!

K&B Transportation strives to lead the industry in truck driver pay.  Since 2014 we have not only raised our starting pay by 7 cents per mile, but we have also increased our cap by 9 cents per mile!  The fact is this, if you were to start here two years ago today you would be earning 10 cents per mile more than the day you first turned a key at K&B Transportation.  Ask yourself this, are you earning 10 cents per mile more now ($250 weekly) than you were just two years ago?  Due to record growth K&B Transportation is increasing our sign on bonus to $1650 and paying it over all new hires first three checks!  Simply put, new hires will enjoy a $900 bonus their first check, $500 their second and an additional $250 their 3rd!  This bonus is on top of wages, giving all new hires three solid checks right out the gate.


K&B Transportation’s commitment to earnings does not stop with our mileage pay!  The fact is we guarantee our drivers 2500 miles per week!  It’s very simple, if we can’t get you 2500 miles in a week, we pay you the difference!  This guarantees our drivers $1125 per week minimum.  That’s right, or guarantee is just a minimum pay!  Our drivers typically outearn it but enjoy the comfort of a guarantee during the occasional bad week!  Our compensation package doesn’t stop there, we also offer full accessory pay, paid vacation and very lucrative and achievable bonuses including a $1000 annually in safety bonuses.  When you add it all together, there is no reason you can’t earn $60,000 plus yearly during your first year at K&B Transportation, and with scheduled raises your pay never gets stale, your wages will increase every year you work at K&B Transportation!


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Drivers at K&B Transportation drivers enjoy the choice of Midwest or National lanes, the truth is we put the same effort in getting our drivers home on time as we do in delivering freight on time.  Simply put, we get our drivers home on the day they specify over 99% of the time!  No other carrier puts the effort into getting drivers home on time that we do!  We also offer tractors spec’d for driver comfort and we give them the tools they demand to make their job easier (E-Logs, Pre Pass Plus). 


If you have 6 months experience there is not better place to optimize your driving career.  Find out more by calling (800) 851-8651 or visit us online at www.drivekb.com

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