New Pay Package! $1250 Per Week Guaranteed! 50 CPM!

New Pay Package!

K&B Transportation is raising pay!  We are boosting pay from 45 CPM to 50 CPM effective 5/7/18.  This increase also raises our minimum guarantee from $1125 per week minimum to $1250 per week minimum!  Of course with our industry leading miles you will see your guarantee is just a minimum, our drivers easily outearn it!  Top driver can run up to 3000 miles on their best weeks!  With this new pay pay package company and our full accessory pay drivers can earn $65,000 to $70,000 plus yearly!  

K&B Transportation also offers full benefits, midwest lanes, late model equipment and much more including a pay package that caps at 54 CPM!  Don't wait until after the pay increase to start!  Drivers starting in April will receive a $400 bonus on their paycheck on 5/18/18.  That is also the first check that their pay increase will be paid on!  Get a raise and a bonus to!  

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