WC Road Warrior 4 CA Co 2RUN IN ALL 48-Pay ALL Miles 44 CPM

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a local job. Drivers run in ALL 48 (coast2coast) from company's main hub based in L.A. We pay all miles--loaded and unloaded. 

Driver needed to run Freightliner Coronado in ALL 48 and return to L.A. hub. This is a coast2coast gig for a driver based on the West Coast (CA or Los Angeles area, AZ, NM or NV).
Company hub is in Los Angeles.  
OTR. Coast to coast for L.A. or WC-based driver.
$1,000 signing bonus. 
44 cents per mile loaded and unloaded. 
No tricks or games. 
Awesome family firm.
LEAD driver.  

Looking for driver based in Western states (NV, AZ, NM or CA ONLY) or the L.A. area ONLY to run our Coronado sleeping and 3-car trailer in all 48.  Looking for solid, honest driver to replace driver of 12 years. Runs vary from 1 to 3 weeks. NO DAILY HOMETIME. This is an OTR gig. Main hub is in Los Angeles. Driver must return to main hub to deliver and get paid. 

Unique opportunity with down-to-earth, successful family firm. We are not a trucking company. However, we use trucks as one arm of the business. 

Film Vehicle Services Inc. was founded in March 1997. FVS needs a Class A driver to run in all 48. Firm provides specialized transport to the motion picture industry and special clients across the nation. 


  • FVS utilizes 2011 Freightliner Coronado sleeper tractors and 53" step-deck trailers. 
  • Auto and vehicle hauling across all 48 states, cross country, one- to three-week runs.  
  • FVS is located in the L.A. area, so drivers must return to hub to get paid. 
  • Paid 44 CPM per mile loaded and unloaded. 
  • Auto-haul experience preferred. Trailer carries three vehicles max. 
  • Skip the grind and get paid the same day you drop. 

Great opportunity for a road warrior looking for a firm landing with a solid and honest family firm or an up-and-coming driver with skill and talent. 

Call Michelle Hofmann at 818-891-9908 or email michelle@filmvehicle.com for more information!