Landstar Inc.


Landstar is a carrier company that offers solutions to the iron and steel industry, automotive products, paper, chemicals, explosives, aluminum, foodstuffs and more. Landstar also offers services like flatbeds, drop decks, temperature controlled vans and containers, dry vans and light specialty trailers.

This company has around 1,000 independent sales agents, more than 17,000 contract carriers and thousands of business capacities with an ISO 9001:2000 certificated. The company also includes Landstar Gemini, Landstar Inway, Landstar Ligon and Landstar Ranger.

Time is very important in the transportation industry so you need to find a company that guarantees this; Landstar offers benefits like timely pickup, on-time delivery, priority boarding, complete inbound control, exclusive use vehicles and real-time shipment tracking.

Landstar Logistics includes intermodal, highway, ocean freight forwarding and contract services; each one helps you to increase your options and bring the best service.

Intermodal offers competitive door-to-door service throughout the U.S., Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada and Hawaii. They also provide reports that will help you with your transportation objectives. Other services are electronic data interchange, email, electronic file transfer and business-to-business e-commerce.

Contract Service can help you reduce costs, improve cash flow, focus on competencies, improve customer service and establish a better information database with services such as EDI and e-Commerce, Cost and Service Metrics, Warehousing, Management Report Options and Transportation Management, Shipment Planning and much more.

The Ocean Freight Forwarding offers a national and international boatload that provides pick-up and delivery, risk marine insurance placement, information technology services, customs classifications and local dray.

If you need temperature-controlled transportation services Landstar can provide you with specially equipped cargo vans and reefers that keep the right temperature.