A N Webber Inc. has More than 50 Years of Experience

By: Bubbajunk.com

A N Weber is a family owned company of transportation and warehousing that was established in 1947 in Kankakee, Illinois, 60 miles south from Chicago by A.N. Neal Sr.

In that time the main service (actually the only) they offered was the stone transportation for some road projects, using for this only 6 wheel trucks: ANW kept in this activity until the late 70s. By 1961 Webbers son (A.N. Neal Jr.) bought his first flatbed and went to work hauling rebar out of a local steel mill in Kankakee, IL. By 1968 van trailers were added to haul water heaters out of the AO Smith Plant. Neal Sr. retired in 1975 and his son took all the responsibility of the company. In 1997 the corporate office for ANW moved to its actual location at South Tec where Neal Jr. has complete ownership.

Today  the services offered by the company are: warehousing, brokerage and Intermodal transportation including the drop deck; which has 400 cubic feet of additional space compared to a conventional van that allows multitasking of lightweight bulky freight; this enables customers to ship up to 87% more freight. With all this facilities and the latest technology ANW is capable of hauling any type of freight to every point in the U.S. and Canada.

They currently have some job opportunities available. These are some of the benefits that they offer: vacation, birthday and holiday pay, health and life insurance, dental insurance, late model Peterbilts, safety bonus, etc.