Transport Corporation of America: a Technological Leader in the Transportation Industry


Transport Corporation of America is a truckload carriage and logistic industry that provides high-quality customized services in the United States and parts of Canada. They mainly haul department store merchandise, grocery, industrial, consumer, paper products and expedited services.

This company meets all customer requirements providing just-in-time inventory management, specialized equipment such as temperature-controlled trailers, multi-stop unloading and unloading, sophisticated electronics to automate the exchange of orders, load and billing data and trailers designed to support decking.

Technology is important to give the best service. Transport America offers Internet Shipping, Routing Software, Tracking Software, Document Management Software, Internet based Customer Information Software and Statistical Software.

These logistic services are possible thanks to a sophisticated information management system that provides a cost-effectively customer service. Those services include Trucking (truckload, dedicated, brokerage, local delivery), Air Service (regularly schedule air, on-demand air shipment), Warehousing Services (forward warehousing, short-term storage and crossdock facilities) and Logistics Consulting (planning, network management, software and service bureau)

The truckload Transport Americas service freight carriage focuses on providing time-definite through employees support and technology information systems. All their trucks are equipped with satellite tracking, Electronic Data Interchange and Internet.

Transport Corporation of America wants to become the most successful provider of the highest quality transportation and logistic services in North America.