Transco Inc. Serves the Industry Since 1936


Since 1936 Transco Inc. makes parts for the railroad industry through three operating subsidiaries: Advance Thermal Corp., Transco Products Inc. and Transco Railway Products Inc. 

Their current products include railcar repair services, railcar components, removable blanket insulation products and rigid thermal insulation systems; they  also offer services such as electric utilities, engineering/construction companies, turbine manufactures and railroad equipment leasing companies.

To give these services Transco has a network of rail repair shops and manufacturing plants located in the United States. 

Advance Thermal Corp. is located in the United States and Canada and manufactures quality insulation blankets for a total array of industrial equipment offering customized designs uniquely tailored for each application.

Transco Railway Products is a products and services railway industry supplier that offers costumers running repairs, major repair/refurbishing, multi level certifications, 86Ââ€Ã¢„¢hi-cube automotive parts, car maintenance, a car parts warehouse and custom fabrications.

Transco Products Inc. provides nuclear grade insulation systems like Metal Reflective Insulation, Thermal-Wrap Blanket Insulation and Encapsulated Insulation; this company specializes in designing nuclear applications including radiation shielding composite systems and stainless steel assemblies.