Paschall Truck Lines Inc. Needs Drivers and Owner Operators


Paschall Truck Lines Inc. (PTL) is a transportation company that has job openings for drivers and owner operators; if you are interested on being part of this company you must pay attention to this information.

PTL has the commitment of helping drivers become the best and succeed; in addition this company provides the safest and most reliable transportation services and a fleet-wide of 2,500-2,800 miles per week.

PTL is located in Murray but has terminals in Indianapolis, Indiana, El Paso, Brownsville, Mc Allen, Laredo, Alabama, Tennessee and other places. Company drivers are located in terminals near their homes.  

Driver pay is based on their experience, the company pays a $3000 sign on bonus to qualified drivers but they have the option to choose to run into the Northeast or New York City to obtain extra pay.

Their fleet is conventional, late-model, well maintained, equipped with state-of-the-art electronics, 53 foot by 102 foot Air-ride Great Dane trailers and 2.5 to 1 power unit radio.

If you want to get a job on PTL you must be at least 22 years old with at least one year OTR experience, Class A CDL and less than 3 moving violations in last three years.

To work as an Owner Operator you need to fulfill the same requirements as a Driver and your truck has to fulfill some requirements: pass DOT inspection, power units must not exceed 20,000 lbs, professional appearance, wheelbase not to exceed 280 inches and 5th wheel height of no more than 48 ½ inches.

If you fulfill those requirements you would be able to enjoy the company benefits such as pre-pay plus all tolls paid, free TripPack, free full-time rider policy, weekly settlement, free base plates and permits, health, dental and disability plans and $3000 sign-on bonus.

Do not loss the opportunity to be a part of a growing company.