Rising Fuel Prices Bring Strike

By: Bubbajunk.com

As prices for diesel fuel near $4 a gallon, we might be seeing a sudden drop in the number of trucks on the roads. As profits disappear from the industry, truckers are looking to fight back.

This week (April 1-5) many truckers have pledged to go on strike, parking their rigs, or slowing down to a snails pace and congesting traffic.

And many truckers are considering pledging their support for the plan. "If there's a strike, I'll have to honor it obviously. If we donÂâ€Ã¢„¢t stick together, its getting harder and harder," independent trucker Rui Olivera said.

But, even though truckers are being forced to fill up at around $600 a tank, some have expressed their doubts that the strike will ever happen.

"Since the one in the early '70s until now, every time they threaten to shut down, it never works," 35-year veteran Gary Burch said.

Still, with profits being cut to a bare minimum many are convinced that a strike must happen.

"It has to. The guys, the owner operators, I know they can't afford to keep running like this. It's killing them," trucker Wayne Calvert said.