uShip Marketplace: A Great Place to Find New Jobs


The uShip Marketplace is a website that has become the largest community of transporters based on feedback ratings. Here, owner operators can access jobs and begin making their own reputation by a network of feedback. It is a place where anyone can hire the services of moving and shipping. This is a very good possibility for owner operators to be able to enjoy their freedom, but to also benefit from their hard work since it pays off to give a good service.


The way uShip marketplace works is a bit like eBay. Members post the types of goods they need to transport and then they receive bids for the best service that the transporters can provide. Based on the previous feedback ratings by previous customers the client can select the best suited provider for his/her needs. This marketplace has millions of dollars in transactions and it reduces shipping costs because it allows the drivers to use any empty space on their routes. The service is free of charge and it is a great opportunity for drivers to make an excellent reputation with their good work by putting owner operators to compete with big carriers.


uShip is a very safe environment, it initially started to fulfill the shipping needs of large cargos in eBay. Now it has expanded to all transportation needs. The website has a driver resource center that helps and advises drivers on how to get the most jobs and provide the best service. This is a website that all owner operators should visit.