New Market Research on Security Satellite Services


Buenos Aires, Argentina (PRWEB) January 20, 2006 -- Latin American Markets launched a new market research on Security Satellite Services for Transportation Companies thru GPS into Argentina.

This market research analyzes the sector offering satellite Tracking and Security System Services for Transport Companies in Argentina, with security thru GPS and alarm kits for vehicles.

The research shows the marketing strategies and the market shares for the key players.

The report includes an in-depth analysis of the sector, the factors influencing the market evolution and future developments. Also, it shows a comprehensive analysis on market structures, the competitive strategies followed by the main players, competitors attitudes, competitive forces, with emphasis on market and services diversification, marketing policies and strategies, positioning against main success key factors, market shares and yields.

The report latest edition is December 2005, and is offered in text (hard cover) with digital version as optional. Language of the report is spanish.

The report is a highly valuable tool for those interested to deal with Argentina, and is intended to be used for those companies actually doing business with Argentina or planning to invest, export, subcontract, license and/or franchise in Argentina. Also, the report is highly useful for venture capital firms, commercial and investment banks trying to develop new business in Argentina.