Things Owner Operators Must Know


Private transportation companies frequently transport commodities produced, used, sold, or bought by themselves. Today, many entrepreneurs value having their own truck fleet and drivers to make a transportation department. This way, they greatly reduce their costs and can transport freights at the time it is needed. Food products processors, storehouses or grocery shops are clear examples of private transportation companies. Central governments do not generally have many regulations for this type of business. This limits to a great extent any information about its operations. In the industry of heavy transportation, these emerging businesses are essential to the goods dynamism. One important aspect is that in 1993, 55 percent of all goods were transported by private companies. There were almost 4 million tons of a total of 6.5 million tons. Transported freights were generally more valuable than those of the public companies. The total amount in that same year rose to the 1.8 trillion dollars for the private corporations, while for the public sector the quantity was 1.0 trillion dollars lower. For 1994, 178 billion dollars, 54 percent of earnings of the heavy transportation industry in the United States stayed in the hands of the owner operators.