Driver Shortage in Trucking


The lack of drivers and the difficulty in finding qualified ones is an issue that currently affects the trucking industry. In addition to being the major problem in trucking companies, driver shortage also produces more serious risks, such as when companies are forced to hire drivers who are not qualified enough because they have to meet their needs.

What is the reason for this shortage of drivers? One possible reason may be simply that jobs relating to this industry are not advertised enough. For example, they are often missing in high-school job fairs. Students look for more attractive jobs, and careers such as computer science or medicine seem more interesting for them.

An example of a trucking company that has achieved a fervent commitment to hire only selected and qualified drivers and having a long-term retention is A. Duie Pyle Cos. This company based in West Chester, Pennsylvania recently received the American Trucking AssociationÂâ€Ã¢„¢s award for best safety program. This was achieved through several plans such as prevention and accident-reduction programs and comprehensive injury initiatives. Nevertheless, one of the major aspects of this performance of safety is commitment to selective hiring and careful training of drivers. Truck drivers are one of the most afflicted with occupational injuries that require recuperation away from work. In 2001, there were more than 129,000 cases of truck drivers who required time away from work due to injuries or illnesses.