Crashes and Their Effect in the Trucking Industry


The profit of the trucker industry is one of the most affected victims of truck accidents. It is estimated that under 1% of collisions involving trucks account for a 33% of total liability costs for many trucking companies, and 10% of truck accidents account for approximately 66% of the firmsÂâ€Ã¢„¢ costs. Many types of crashes can occur within a trucking industry; however, accidents such as rear-end collisions, rollovers, lane changes, U-turns, trailers and cars parked on road shoulders, and intersections especially affect trucking firms. Prevention is certainly the best and most important course of action to take in relation to accidents. Nevertheless, what happens after the accident and what trucking companies do about it should also be a major concern. Most firms have response programs for the first 48-hour period; however, they lack of a back-up plan, something if the first respond fails by some reason. An example of a trucking company that employs a strong prevention program against accidents is Prime Inc. This firm, based in Springfield, Mo., has reduced the severity and frequency of its accidents along the years. It ensures they hire qualified drivers, train them well and constantly monitor them after hiring them. Another good example is the firm Jones Motor Group, based in Limerick, Pa.; It has several programs that focus on preventing accidents. It holds drivers responsible for roadside inspections, and it provides positive or negative reinforcements to drivers depending whether they are safe or unsafe.