Truckers Choose Hydrogen as a Source of Energy


Hundreds of semi-trailer trucks go through the United States highways at full speed powered partially by hydrogen. These eighteen-wheel vehicles produce hydrogen at the same time as they travel, eliminating the requirement of hydrogen filling stations or high-pressure cryogenic storage tanks, which do not even exist yet. These truckers are not merely a couple of revolutionaries. They chose the Hydrogen Fuel Injection system (HFI), created by the company Canadian Hydrogen Energy because it allows them to improve fuel economy, provides them more horsepower and, as an extra, it produces less pollution.

According to Serwin Fast, president of Great Planes Trucking, a transportation company based in Salinas, Kansas, the firm has been saving 700 dollars in fuel per month per each truck. The company tried the HFI system in four trucks and recently ordered twenty-five more. He indicated that truck drivers are satisfied by the increase in power and noticed a decrease in emissions from the vehicles. Steve Gichrist says that HFI is a flexible piece of equipment available in the aftermarket which injects small quantities of hydrogen in the engine air intake. The fuel efficiency and power improves because hydrogen burns quicker and at a higher temperature than diesel, enhancing the combustion of the truck considerably.