Roadcheck 08


The trucking industry is currently in full swing of Roadcheck 2008. Roadcheck is a co-op program from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and state transportation departments in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, which was scheduled from June 3rd through the 5th.

During this three day blitz of roadside inspections, nearly 10,000 certified officers have been conducting road checks around the clock with a 37 point procedure for examining drivers, vehicles, and cargo safety. CVsa officers will also being handing out educational safety material to drivers.

Roadcheck 07 brought 62,370 inspections with 21.5 percent of those vehicles being placed out of service for certain problems. The results also show that the driver out of service rate roase for the second year in a row to 6.2 percent, the highest since 1999.

J.J keller & Associates has been providing a number of products to keep drivers and vehicles compliant with the DOT and running during Roadcheck 08. They've offered an assortment of manuals, charts, guides, software, and consulting services that help prepare drivers and vehicles for the Roadcheck event.

If you've had the experience of dealing with Roadcheck 2008, already my advice is to just keep rolling. But if you're on the road and you have not met up with an inspection yet, do what you can to ensure you and your vehicle are in compliance.