IdleAire stays alive with loan


Borrows $4M, secures $25M credit line to stave off bankruptcy

IdleAire Technologies' success in securing a line of credit appears to be good news for the Knoxville-based company that said last month it may have to file for bankruptcy.

"It is going to help them stay alive," said Joe Carcello, co-founder and director of research at the University of Tennessee's Corporate Governance Center.

"The fact that an institution is willing to extend additional financing" to the company is a positive sign, he added.

IdleAire, which has said it needs cash to stave off bankruptcy, has borrowed nearly $4 million and established a line of credit of up to $25 million, according to a Wednesday filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The company also has hired a corporate turnaround specialist to advise it.

"As of April 30, 2008, the Company has borrowed approximately $3.7 million under the Credit Facility, and the proceeds are being used for general corporate purposes of the Company to pay disbursements approved by the lenders. To satisfy one of the closing conditions of the Credit Facility, the Company has retained CRG Partners Group LLC, a turn-around management and restructuring consulting firm," according to IdleAire's SEC filing.

The filings also show five executives received compensation in 2007 totaling more than $1.3 million.

The company declined comment except to say, "the filing speaks for itself," company spokesman John Doty said.

The action comes after IdleAire warned last month that if it didn't get "immediate working capital," it would be forced to file for bankruptcy protection.

"Losses and liquidity deficiencies raise substantial doubt about our ability to continue as a going concern and, therefore, our ability to realize our assets and discharge our liabilities in the normal course of business," the company said in an annual report it filed April 15 with the SEC.

While it considers going public, IdleAire is required to file financial reports with the SEC. The company has not said when it plans to offer public stock, how many shares will be offered or at what price.

In its SEC filings, the company held out some hope for recovery, noting that it also has hired Getzler Henrich & Associates LLC and KPMG Corporate Finance LLC to develop a plan that should provide enough liquidity to finance its working-capital and capital-expenditure requirements for the next year. The company acknowledges that there is no assurance such a plan can be executed on acceptable terms, if at all.

IdleAire also disclosed that five executives received compensation in 2007 ranging from $198,000 to $363,000.

IdleAire manufactures and maintains in-cab electrification units for the long-haul trucking industry. The units supply electricity, heat, air conditioning, Internet and satellite TV connections, on-demand movies and even educational videos through consoles that fit in truck windows for a fee. The power units allow truckers to turn off their engines, thus saving diesel fuel and reducing pollution.

The company's national network includes 130 sites with 8,423 parking spaces in 34 states.

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