Pre-Employment Screening (PSP) Information Now Available to DOTJobHistory Registered Drivers


For those of you who have registered with DOTJobHistory ( PSP information is now available for order when you log into your account. The information consists of records from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations (FMCSA) Motor Carrier Information System (MCMIS). The information contains the most recent 5 years of crash data and 3 years of roadside inspection data from the FMCSA MCMIS system. The cost is $10, direct to NICUSA, FMCSAÂâ€Ã¢„¢s contractor. DOTJobHistory does NOT have any additional fee for this information if you are registered and we would encourage you to obtain this information and add to your AppPak in your DOTJobHistory Digital Document Vault. (Again, there is no fee for this storage.)

You have no doubt been hearing and reading about CSA2010. This PSP information affects a motor carrierÂâ€Ã¢„¢s score, so this may become an important component of their screening process. As such, our recommendation is that, like your Driving, employment and criminal infraction information, you know what your record says; correct errors if there are any and make this information available in your AppPak to potential carriers if you are looking for a job.