Leonard's Express

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Leonard's Express Hiring Company Drivers

In late 2001 company owners Kent and Patricia Johnson started Leonard's Express. Leonard Express In. Has added dozens of staffers in 2008 and opened a 25,000- square-foot distribution center worth $ 5000,000 at its Farmington location.

Leonard's Express has 44 people at their Farmington headquarters, as well as several others at 15 locations across the country. Leonard's Transportation, it's affiliate, has roughly 90 staff, including 50 in Farmington; Johnston's Equipment, which is another affiliate, employs nearly 20 people.

Leonard's Express does billing and collections, provides the computer systems that connect carriers and distributors, and handles other administrative functions. Leonard's Transportation is the trucking side of the business. The company has some 200 trucks that work exclusively for Leonard's Express. About half of those drivers are Leonard's Transportation employees, while the others are independent contractors who use Leonard's equipment. On the other hand, Johnson Equipment owns and maintains the Leonard's Transportation vehicles and also performs outside maintenance services, as well as leasing trucks to other companies.

According to Kent Johnson majority of the stuff they handle is freight for human consumption, About 65 to 70 percent of their business is related to grocery stores. The company has some 500 customers and roughly 5,000 trucking companies and drivers approved to haul freight.

Leonard's Express act as a middleman, connecting manufacturers and distributors with the trucks that move products to final destinations.

Leonard's Express, Inc.,a New York-based family owned company,offers third-party logistics (3PL) and asset-based trucking to shippers, receivers. It's 3PL designation falls under the company's membership in the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), the only organization exclusively representing transportation intermediaries of all disciplines involved with domestic and international commerce.

Leonard's Express, Inc, is named to Entrepreneur Magazine's 2007 Hot 500 Fastest Growing Businesses in America. It is placed # 294 on the magazine's 13th annual 'Hot 500'.