CDL College


Colorado Trucking School

CDL College is a driving school that gives full training of the skills and requirements needed to operate a commercial vehicle locally, or over the road(OTR). It is located near the intersection of I-70 and Chambers at 14800 Smith Rd, Aurora, Colorado 80011. From I-70 and Chambers go South on Chambers and West on Smith Rd. They are on the left side of Smith Rd right next to Roadway.

Their course objective is to train entry level motor vehicle operators and prepare them for employment in the heavy duty trucking industry. Full time students can finish the course in 20 days while part-time students will last up to 45 days. CDL College also offers a couple of hours refresher lessons for free (for alumni), if the student gets a little rusty between finishing school and finding a job.

This truck driving school has flexible hours and they are open seven days a week. During weekdays they are open from 7am-9pm, and during the weekends they are open from 7am-5pm. They also have an open enrollment schedule, meaning, classes start daily so there's no need for the student to wait for a certain course to finish before he/she can start to learn to become a commercial truck driver.

CDL utilizes the latest in e-learning techniques to maximize the students' theory and classroom based training. This experience would make them gain more knowledge than attending a classroom based training only. They offer a stress-free environment so that the students can get the most out of their time. Their instructors are extremely patient and will work on the student's pace and not on their own pace.

CDL has followed a flight school model for the road time. The student must schedule an appointment and come down and drive CDL's truck with an instructor, and the hours driven that day will be applied towards the student's hours needed for the "Behind the Wheel Training" portion of the course. The Theory Based Training Courses are completed in the classroom, simulator, lab, and computer based courses.The theory based courses and the Behind the Wheel Training are required for the certificate program.

Their courses are approved by the State of Colorado Division of Private Occupational Schools and the Department of Higher Education. Upon completion of the course, the student will be presented with a certificate (together with a CDL license) that can be presented to any potential employers.

CDL College do testing for CDL licenses, they are a 3rd party tester for the state. They also do driving test. The student will need to take the necessary written tests with the state and get the permit before the student can take the driving test.

CDL College has a Pay—As—You—Go training scheme. A training product they have designed for someone who is currently working and cannot go to school full time. It is an agreement between the student and the school that allows the student to pay the discounted rates for the Certificate program in infrequent installments.

CDL College also has "training by the hour" program. If the student has some previous experience, or they know where they are going to work, or they plan on getting a class 'B' or 'C' CDL this may be their best option. It also works for a class 'A' license. Students can come in and practice before their skills test for $70.00 an hour. CDL will supply the truck and an instructor to help student. The goal of this method is strictly for licensing only.

Financing the course is also available. CDL College offers an in-house financing scheme that requires a $500 down payment. The rest would be paid in 18 equal monthly installments of $180 at zero percent interest. A student can also get their training paid for by the WIA through the Colorado Workforce Center; Prosper, a people-to-people lending program; or at Loan to Learn which is a privately funded student loan program.

Veterans can also get aid from the Colorado Workforce Center; The Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP); or Operation Freedom, a professional truck drivers apprenticeship from Werner Enterprises.