By: Bubbajunk.com

DistTech is an established leader in dedicated contract and common carriage for bulk liquid commodities, whose initial operations began in the early 1930s. John Manfredi and his son, Frank, started with milk transportation from farms in Northeast Ohio to dairies in Cleveland with only a pick-up truck. The Company was incorporated in 1949 as Manfredi Motor Transit Co. and soon became an interstate carrier for Cleveland-based companies. What started with a pick-up truck, bloomed into an international motor carrier that is one of the largest in the tank-truck industry today.

The deregulation of the trucking industry in 1980, helped Manfredi Motor Transit Co. grow extensively. The Company expanded its core base of business in the liquid bulk chemical and food grade hauling, and also went into dry bulk and dry freight hauling. Plus, the Company has acquired businesses and added affiliate companies to maintain its continuous growth.

Manfredi Motor Transit Co. officially changed its name to Distribution Technologies, Inc. in 2004. It was shortened later to DistTech to better reflect the firm's core capability of merging reliable transportation service with real-time information technology.

Now, DistTech is an international provider of bulk logistics services having more than 25 locations in North America strategically located to meet the ever-expanding needs of their broad base of clients. According to EveryTruckJob.com this Company's number of employees ranges from 500 to almost a thousand, and the number of their company trucks ranges from 250-499. It is also estimated that the number of trucking owner operators with them is around 20-49.

DistTech transportation equipment is considered state-of-the-art in the industry. Their tractors and teams are divided into three categories -- Local, Over-the-Road, and Team. All of their tractors are equipped with Wabco ABS brakes and either Detroit Diesel series 60 or Caterpillar C12 or C13 engines. All auxiliary equipments are operated via hydropack hydraulic unloading systems. Other comforts include cruise control, Jake brakes, air ride suspension, and air conditioning. To ensure efficiency, they also equipped all tractors with Qualcomm satellite systems that allow the driver and dispatcher to communicate at any given time.

DistTech also invested in technology that will help ensure their drivers' safety. They have installed driver fatigue monitors that detect drowsiness, in-cab video systems that alert drivers to vehicles traveling in their "blind spots," and collision warning systems. An increasing number of their tractors also have automatic transmissions, making it easier for their drivers to operate in congested areas.

DistTech promises freedom to clients once they avail of the following services which they offer:

Dedicated Contact Carriages. They provide guaranteed capacity, reliable, accurate, and secure deliveries of inbound raw materials and outbound products at a fixed cost. They also include services like: Custom Transportation Planning; On-site Management; Appropriate Equipment and Technology; Professional Drivers in Uniform; Extensive Safety Training and Support; and Comprehensive Security.

Common Carriage and Logistics Services. Through their strategically located fleet of multi-compartment, metered units, they can handle each of their client's common carriage delivery requirements at a variable cost. Plus, they offer flexible fleet options to handle seasonal spikes in the business as well as a customized mix of dedicated and common carriage -- allowing their customers to add capacity without the need to add a full-time unit. Their other logistics services includes: Network Design; Transportation Procurement; Shipment Planning and Execution; Electronic Freight Bill Audit & Payment; Capacity & Exceptions Management; Real-time, Internet-based Supply Chain Visibility;Industry-Leading Equipment; and Hours of Service Management

Returnable Container Management. This can reduce capital requirements, lower storage costs and increase available plant space. This includes: Program Design; Procurement; Tracking & Tracing; Storing; Evaluation, Cleaning, Repair & Replacement; and Reverse Logistics.

Logistic Management. This allow their clients to concentrate on their core competencies -- and accomplish considerable administrative and transportation savings in the process. Logistic management services includes: Core Carrier Selection and Qualification; On-site Management; Routing, Optimization, Load Building and Planning; Business Process Re-engineering; Customized Reporting; and Support Customer Service and Sales Functions.

Tank Wash Services. DistTech runs a variety of chemical, food-grade, and Kosher-approved tank washes throughout Ohio and Michigan. Their wash racks handle a variety of chemical washes. Their amenities include waiting rooms, showers, and vending machines.

DistTech has garnered numerous awards and one of them is the Great West Casualty's Platinum Award for Safety, which they received in June 2009. DistTech site suggest that once you deal with them, you will Think Custom, Think Efficient, Think Green, Think Control, Think Clean, and Think Smarter.