Nu-Way Truck Driving Training Centers


Nu-Way Truck Driving Training Centers opened it's first CDL school in Pontiac, Michigan in October, 2000. This truck driving training center offers a proven track record and a solid reputation within the trucking industry.

Nu-Way Truck driving Training Centers' truck driving program lasts for 3 weeks with classes running 6 days a week. According to their site 97% of their students graduated with jobs and over 7,000 successful commercial truck drivers began their careers with them.

According to Nu-Way Truck Driving Training Centers they made finding of financial aid for CDL training easy for qualified students. It is also stated in their website that they have developed several financial aid plans with different tuition financing options for students with several national lending institutions. With this, they say that most students were able to attend Nu-Way Truck driving Training Centers'  program with minimum "out-of-pocket" money.

Nu-Way Truck Driving Training Centers said that they also have special programs to help Veterans as well. And they are affiliated with the COMMERCIAL DRIVER TRAINING ASSOCIATION (CVTA). With this, scholarships are available for men and women who served in the armed forces.

Nu-Way Truck Driving Training Centers warned individuals to be aware of claims by other commercial driver license (CDL) schools giving "free CDL training" or "really affordable CDL trainings to students." Nu-Way Truck Driving Training Centers says that this is referred to as "contract training". This is where a student training for a commercial driver's license signs a contract with a carrier who would sponsor the student's tuition at the CDL school. The student is contractually bound to work for the sponsoring carrier for usually lower wage which could last for years.

They say at Nu-Way Truck Driving Training Centers, they don't believe in contract training. Their admissions department pre-screens all applicants before they are admitted into the school speeding up job placement for those who are accepted. Their job placement department, on the other hand, works with over 40 trucking companies that hires their students. A carrier representative also visits the school to hire as much commercial driver license graduates the school can provide. There are more students who pay for their own tuition at Nu-Way Truck Driving Training Centers than other CDL schools, but many carriers also offer tuition reimbursement to help defer the cost of the program, though.

Nu-Way Truck Driving Training Centers has branches in St, Louis, MO; and Livonia, MI. Nu -Way is currently encouraging men and women to get into trucking business where they can earn up to $38,000 in their first year.