MTC Driver Training


Since 1993, MTC Truck Driver Training schools have been in the business of helping people get high paying jobs in the trucking industry. This is their 17th year in the business and they're still committed to providing the trucking industry with more best trained student drivers.

The people from MTC Truck Driver Training schools believe that it's their job to make sure that their students must have a job before they could even complete their CDL training program. It is stated in their site that they have provided truck driver training to over 18,000 professional drivers making a great living now.

So what's the difference between MTC Truck Driver Training and other CDL driving schools? According to MTC they don't take on everyone who applies. The school only take on potential students whom they can provide jobs to right after graduation. They boast of 100% hiring rate and take pride that they are confident that their drivers will graduate from the school employed and making a great living. They even revealed that most drivers get signing bonus upon employment, ranging from $500 -$1,000 or more.

They also work hand-in-hand with the biggest trucking companies known. These big companies even fund the students which they are going to employ after their graduation. Among these large trucking companies include CR England Trucking, Werner Enterprises, Inc., Swift, Stevens Trucking Company, Star Transport, Inc., and Hogan Transportation Services.

MTC can provide the students with financing, lodging, food, and training. The companies (mentioned above) who would eventually hire the students will sponsor this all-inclusive program. Most require little to no money down and will even give the student a signing bonus (as mentioned above) after he/she starts to work. MTC also reiterates that the starting salaries are typically between $35K and $40K in the first year, plus signing bonuses and yearly pay increases.

MTC Truck Driver Training schools is located at 11842 Missouri Bottom Rd - Hazelwood ,MO. It is also a member of the Driver Resource Center Network. MTC is accepting students from all 48 states.