JBS Carriers

By: Bubbajunk.com

JBS Carriers is a new division of JBS USA, one of the largest protein supplier in the world, formerly known as Swift & Company. JBS Carriers mainly hauls their own products. JBS USA is the world's second-largest processor of fresh beef and pork products. It has 12 packing plants across the United States, with 38 additional poultry plants in the south.

Swift was founded by Gus Swift in 1855 and made a lot of innovations in the food industry. Based in Greeley, Colorado, it was acquired by Brazilian JBS S.A. in 2007. JBS USA (formerly known as Swift) has more than $10 billion in annual sales and employs more than 50,000 people around the globe. JBS Carriers, it's trucking division, has already 827 company "Reefer" type trailer trucks (no owner/operators).

According to their site, JBS is an equal-opportunity employer and are committed to diversity in the workplace. They also actively support the growth and development of their employees. They even devote more than 1,000,000 man-hours to training.

For individuals thinking of a career in the trucking industry, JBS Carriers offers driver benefits like:

  • 401 (K) Plan – this includes Company Match

  • Paychecks Via Direct Deposit

  • Insurance (Life, Disability, Medical, Dental, and Vision)

  • Paid Vacation

  • Spouse/Child(ren) Rider Program

  • Driver Managers

JBS Carriers also pay for Rand McNally Mileage Software, Stop and Drop Pay, Unloading, Scales and Toll Road Fees, Layovers, Lumpers, Longevity, and Safety Bonus Program.

Drivers are also assured that there is always immediate help at hand should a problem arise with their equipment. Truck service problems are addressed 24/7 by their in-house maintenance team of professional mechanics at all of their terminals. The majority of whom are factory certified repair technicians. Rest assured, the maintenance team will immediately respond wherever they are, at home or on the road.

JBS Carriers is a fast growing division of JBS USA. They have over sixty years of transportation experience and has terminals in Green Bay, Wisconsin; Hyrum, Utah; and Greeley, Colorado. They say that they accomplish all that they do through the passion, dedication, and skills of their employees. Probably a nice place to start a trucking career.