Roehl Driver Training Center


Roehl Driver Training Center (RDTC), located in Marshfield, WI, trains the safest, most effective and best-paid drivers in the U.S. In three weeks time, a student can be ready to test for a Class A Commercial Drivers License (CDL)—the license that is required for a driver to run an over-the-road semi-trucks.

Roehl Driver Training Center classes are taught by experienced drivers with a real-world focus. They are certified by the Wisconsin Educational Approval Board, and the Wisconsin DOT.  RDTC trainers take pride in their know-how and are acknowledged by the Commercial Vehicle Training Association (CVTA) for their successful completion of the Master Level of the CVTA Instructor Certification Program.

Majority of the course instruction is spent in the truck, on the road, or on RDTC's closed course. There is a total of 160 hours of training. A full 110 hours are spent outdoors receiving instruction and the other 50 hours, students are confined in a classroom. Classes are deliberately kept small and a student can count on getting a lot of individual help.

The Training Program

Roehl Driver Training Center trains students in all aspects of the industry - from driving skills to Federal regulations, and van to flatbed trailers. Here is a rundown of the weekly activities a student will go through at RDTC.

Week 1

The first step is learning the essential driving skills, motor carrier regulations, safety, and some of the basic mechanical systems of a diesel tractor and trailer rig. The student will get plenty of hands-on practice in the classroom and behind the wheel at RDTCÂâ€Ã¢„¢s driving Range. The student will hit the road for the first time by Thursday of this week as the student begins to understand and practice basic backing skills. Students would be surprised by how much theyÂâ€Ã¢„¢ve already learned after just a week with RDTCÂâ€Ã¢„¢s certified experienced instructors.

Week 2

In the second week, student's driving skills and knowledge will quickly move forward with more classroom lessons, practice driving on the Range, and driving on roads and highways. The student will refine his/her backing skills and learn how to manage his/her vehicle in close-quarter areas in a controlled environment, giving him/her the self-confidence to handle his/her rig on the open road.

Week 3

During the third week, the student will refine driving, routing, and paperwork skills as new road and truck knowledge will be added. Advanced shifting techniques and driving runs on more congested streets will take place. The student will also learn how to handle his/her vehicle under different road conditions. The student will know her/his way around a truck, shift like a pro and handle common roadside mechanical repairs. A thorough review and practice test prepares the students for their Class A Commercial DriverÂâ€Ã¢„¢s License exam.


Roehl Driver Training Center tuition fee costs $2800.00. A much lower rate than most other private truck driving schools. On top of that, the RDTC Admissions Department offers two payment schemes to cover the cost of tuition:

  • Cash

  • Tuition Assistance Program: Student may qualify for a loan from Roehl Transport (even if they have credit concerns) when they meet Roehl's standards.

    • Minimal out-of-pocket costs (students are responsible for registration fees, licensing fees and lodging expenses).

    • As long as the student is working for Roehl, there will be no tuition payment due.

Roehl Transport is ready and willing to invest on the character of a student who came from military service. RTC believes that as a military that person has a sense of duty, honor, and commitment that will bring real value to whatever that person do

Roehl Transport Training Center takes great pride in the way they run the business – with relentless precision and uncompromising attention to detail. ItÂâ€Ã¢„¢s helped them become a first-class, performance-driven company dedicated to success, both the drivers and RTC. The reason why they created the Roehl Honor ProgramÂâ„¢ - a superior driver-training program that acknowledges and rewards drivers' military experience. And gives them the opportunity to apply the unique skills they've developed during their military career to achieve professional and personal success in the civilian world.

Roehl Driver Training Center is an exclusive program for Roehl Transport Inc. and it's sister company Blume Refrigerated. With award-winning safety programs, Roehl is acknowledged as one of the nation's leading truckload companies and is known as "The Take Home More, Be Home More Carrier."