Sisbro Inc


Sisbro Incorporated is based in Quincy Illinois and founded in 1982 as an irregular route truckload carrier. Their primary focus is serving clients in a 17 state mid-west region, with expanded coverage available upon request from their clients.

Sisbro Inc. offers an array of transportation, trucking, warehouse, and cross-dock services in order to serve their customers in a variety of ways. This includes regular contract trucking services and dedicated driver and equipment operations in all areas of industry including, but not limited to, grocery-perishable, building materials, industrial, general commodities, paper, animal feeds, and packaging companies.

People from Sisbro Inc. pride themselves on adapting the right service that meets and exceeds their customer's demands allowing their clients to concentrate on other aspects of their business.

Sisbro Inc. started with a fleet size of 5 in 1982. They've grown to 125 power units today with first-rate driver personnel behind the wheel. These dedicated drivers are the key to their continued success and will be vital to their growth. Future plans include the expansion of their fleet size with experienced personnel. It will enable them to continue to provide the high standard of service that their clients have come to expect from Sisbro Incorporated.

Sisbro Inc. currently utilizes the following equipment:


Sisbro Inc. has late model well-maintained fleet of Mack and International tractors.


VANS: 53' High-cube, High-capacity plate trailers giving their shippers and receivers ultimate capacity of 4000 cu.ft. and shipping weights of up to 46,500 pounds. These are the current and competent trailers in the market and offer the ultimate in ease of loading and unloading.

REEFERS: 53' Thin-Wall, High-Capacity units that allow up to 3700 cu.ft and shipping weights of up to 44,000 pounds. These Wabash & Dorsey units are used throughout their fleet operations and are easily used with their dry freight customers also.

Sisbro Incorporated maintains a trailer-to-tractor ratio of 3.5 to 1. This gives them greater flexibility with their shippers and receivers in pre-loading and drop and hook operations. Trailer pools to carry out constantly changing clients' shipping patterns are readily available and utilized to keep their drivers and trucks moving, thus minimizing valuable detention and waiting time.

Customized tractors and trailers can be made accessible in their dedicated fleet operations with logos, signage and color schemes in order to provide the customer with the ultimate in visibility and profile. These types of operations also include the utilization of dedicated driver personnel to more completely serve the different needs of their customer partners.

Driving Opportunities

Sisbro Inc is still looking for more drivers. They believe that their approach and long-term commitment to attracting and retaining drivers, sets them apart from other trucking companies.

According to Sisbro Inc., they have an old-fashioned, mid-west value system that many companies no longer follow, since they are a mid-west based regional carrier. Tho them family is important. This is the reason why they let their drivers get home on the weekend. Sisbro is also flexible with regards to schedule. If the traditional weekend of Saturday and Sunday conflicts with their driver's own personal time, and he/she prefers days off during the work week for her/his "weekend", at Sisbro it won't be an issue, they have the flexibility to meet that need.

Sisbro Inc. also covers for there employees' health needs. Their insurance plan premiums are funded 100% by the company regardless if the drivers are single or have dependents.

The mileage and hourly pay they offer provides their drivers the opportunity to make a great living in the trucking business. It is based on Rand McNally book miles. The rate of pay is based on experience. The hourly pay applies to loading and unloading.

Sisbro Inc.'s vacation and holiday pay allows them to spend time at home; doing the things their drivers desire and not miss a paycheck. Holiday is paid after thirty days. The amount is a prorated average of the total days the driver has worked. The driver is eligible for one week of vacation after the first year and two weeks after the second year. The amount is a prorated average of their earnings for the entire year.

Their assigned fleet manger will keep them busy year round. An open door policy to management will give them the opportunity to discuss any problems or concerns they may have at any time. Drivers have access to the terminal manager who will personally work through any situation that a driver may have. The retention of their drivers is a top priority and it is not something they take lightly.

Sisbro Inc.'s mission is to deliver to their customers a level of service that consistently exceeds their clients' expectations. They have adopted the motto, "Where the Customer Comes First." and it will remain foremost in their daily service and activities.