Sharkey Transportation, Inc.


In May of 1971, Sharkey Transportation, Inc.began operations in Illinois (intrastate and interstate), Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin. They have been granted contract carrier authority under MC-135598 Sub 71. Contracts have been signed with the majority of their customers.

Sharkey Transportation, Inc.'s general offices are located in Quincy, Illinois, along with maintenance and warehouse facilities. STI has established cartage agents in several cities and has stations and trailer pools in key areas located throughout the continental United States. According to the estimated number of employees Sharkey Transportation has is between 50-100 people. And they have a yearly sales of $5M - $10M according to the estimate of

Sharkey's growth begins from a reputation for good, dependable service at a reasonable cost. The central dispatch office in Quincy directs all operations through the use of mobile communications and on-board computers, and also a live on-line computer dispatch system which allows immediate location of equipment.

Sharkey Transportation-owned equipments are operated by their employees. They have a huge fleet of tractors and trailers. They offer a wide variety of equipment easily tailored to fit the most demanding needs of their clients. Sharkey Transportation have late model Mack conventional equipments, flatbed trailers, refrigerated trailers, air-ride vans, logistic post vans, plate vans, drop deck trailers, and bulk trailers. They also have an in-house ASE Certified Mechanics that make sure all of Sharkey Transportation equipments are all in great shape. The average age of their tractor fleet is only three years old.

All equipment is controlled through their central dispatch in Quincy, Illinois. They maintain constant daily contact with their satellite terminals and drivers. If necessary, individual programs can be arranged for specific situations.

Sharkey Transportation, Inc. carries extensive insurance for cargo loss or damage, as well as other arrangements of insurance. With $500,000 in cargo insurance per power unit, per occurrence, shipments are totally protected. Loss and damage claims are directly handled by professionals through their administrative offices in Quincy, Illinois.

The following are Sharkey Transportation, Inc's support services:

Equipment Leasing

Shippers Rental Company is a separate operation engaged in leasing equipment. SRCO allows their customers further flexibility in making distinct transportation services under one roof. It further allows them backup service from STI in carrying out emergency service needs over and above their leasing needs.

Freight Brokerage

Sharkey Transportation, Inc.operates independently with brokerage authority under MC-170410. STSI gives their customers additional flexibility in moving their client's product to market. It allows their customers the ability to deal with one transportation service in moving all of their traffic.


Sharkey Transportation, Inc. has several hundred thousand square feet of warehouse space available throughout their area of service. They offer both full-service and space-only warehousing.

Sharkey Transportation, Inc.'s policy is to settle claims within 60 days. Their claims ratio has remained consistently two tenths of one percent of revenue. This means that STI moves products efficiently, safely, and undamaged.

Sharkey Transportation has consistently remained below industry averages in accidents per million miles. Their accident ratio is only one accident per 5.6 million miles!

Sharkey Transportation has maintained the same customer base since it started. With their commitment to quality and cost-effective moving of freight, Sharkey has retained their six original customer's loyalty. And this commitment goes through to all levels of personnel.

Sharkey Transportation, Inc.'s continuing goal is to provide the very best in transportation services while retaining the personal contact expressed in their company motto, "Success Through Service."