TransAm Trucking Inc.


TransAm Trucking was founded in 1987 and is one of the leading refrigerated long-haul trucking company serving the Midwest, East Coast, and Southern California. Its corporate office is based and operates from a 40-acre site in Olathe, KS. This complex has 17 acres of heavy duty concrete staging and parking area plus a state-of-the-art maintenance shop and 25,000-square-foot office building. It is quite near I-35 and Highway 169 outside of Kansas City. TransAm also has a terminal in Rockwall, TX, which includes an office building with a driver's center as well as a maintenance shop that performs the same services as the Olathe shop. It also has an operation in Rocky Mountain, N.C.

TransAm Trucking is one of the top carriers in the country today. It has more than 1,400 employees, 1200 tractors, and over 2400 refrigerated trailers. Their progress can be accredited to the founding philosophy that has lead the company since its birth.

Their philosophy is based on dedicating all of the resources of the company, the people, equipment, and technology to the customer. TransAm never stop searching for new and better ways to pinpoint and carry out their client's needs while living by three important rules: Doing what is right, treating people like how they want to be treated, and doing the best job that they can!

The headquarters in Olathe, Kansas, includes a state-of-the-art maintenance facility, as well as driver dispatch and training operation. TransAm Trucking's maintenance facility is designed for inspections and preventive maintenance. With a staff of 44 ASE-certified technicians, the maintenance department focuses on keeping the fleet running, not on repairs. Using Freightliner's proprietary Fleet Assistant software program, TransAm tracks maintenance and flags vehicles for inspections.

TransAm Trucking's maintenance facility is equipped with two 30,000-lb-capacity tractor lifts from Rotary Lift, to help expedite the inspections. Working under a tractor on a lift is quicker, easier, more comfortable, cleaner, and certainly safer than using an inspection pit. They also modernized their equipment for wheel alignment. Instead of installing an alignment system that requires a pit for the front of the vehicle, TransAm equipped its shop with two Beisbarth laser alignment machines that can be used with a tractor sitting on the shop floor.

TransAm takes pride in being a leader in the temperature-controlled freight industry. Their entire fleet of trailers is geared with a system to monitor precise cargo temperature and provide customized temperature reports on a per-load basis. TransAm Trucking is the first truckload carrier in the United States to bring about this system to monitor temperature readings every five minutes.

TransAm Trucking is primarily a meat carrier, running from the Rocky Mountains to the East Coast - Denver east all the way to Maine and south to Florida. In addition to meat, TransAm deals with a large variety of dry freight, including one steady haul that moves dry vans from Florida to Puerto Rico by ocean-going barge. As a matter of fact, the product mix is about 50/50 between perishables and dry goods.

TransAm Trucking is exhibiting a continuing commitment to environmental obligation. They are proud to announce that they are a United States EPA SmartWay transport partner and has been awarded with the EPA's Environmental Excellence Award.

According to TransAm Trucking site, "Value is found in having equipment available for our customers when they need it, offering on time pick up and delivery service, professional drivers, and knowledgeable office support staff that care about the client, and well maintained equipment with state of the art technology. Dollar for dollar, TransAm offers the most competitive pricing in the industry today."