WEL Companies, Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

In September of 1975, WEL Companies, Inc. was incorporated. Its headquarters is located in De Pere,Wisconsin. A privately owned company operated by Bruce Tielens, President and CEO and Randy Tielens, Executive Vice-President. Both have many years of experience in the trucking industry and are both hands on in the management and development of the company.

The original goals and objectives conceptualized by Bruce and Randy included building long-term partnerships with customers by providing high quality, reliable and innovative supply chain services. Their success is apparent as the company continues to grow and expand its services.

WEL people stay focused on these goals as they strive to provide their customer the most up-to-date nationwide warehousing, logistics, transloading, and container drayage and stripping services while using the most innovative technology available today.

Freight Services They Offer:

Truckload Services -- WEL Companies is an asset-based trucking company, offering long haul, regional, temperature controlled, and dry freight services. They have a centralized customer service team to provide them with efficient and accurate shipment planning and tracking. The benefits a customer will get from their services are:

  • Transportation long haul and regional service

  • Spotting and shuttle services

  • Superior on-time service

  • State-of-the-art equipment

  • Competitively priced transportation services

  • Team, solo, and local service

  • Customer reports

  • Load tracking

  • Internet proof of delivery

  • Order consolidation

  • Route optimization

  • 390 Tractors

  • 507 Trailers

LTL services -- WEL Companies offers long haul, and regional, less than truckload services around the lower 48 states. They specialize in temperature controlled and dry freight transportation. WEL Companies manages nationwide temperature controlled warehouse/LTL cross-dock facilities, and offers a centralized customer service team for efficient and accurate shipment planning and execution.

Dedicated Fleet Services -- WEL Companies offers tailored fit transportation solutions to handle customer's temperature controlled or dry requirements in efficient and effective manner. They also offer exclusive use programs, and will supply equipment and driver(s) on a full-time basis. Wel supplies the equipment and drivers dedicated to the client's company, while the client control and direct usage within normal guidelines.

Warehousing Services:

WEL Companies, Inc. operates nationwide food grade warehouse facilities across the country, with warehousing solutions to carry out the customer's supply chain solution needs. With their mixed temperature-controlled facilities, they can handle the client's products from cooler, dry, ambient to frozen. It has 585,700 square feet of food grade facilities. They offer long and short-term storage, with simple rate setup; Cross-dock services; Pick and pack; Transloading; and Container drayage.

Logistics Services:

WEL Companies logistics services administer all steps of the supply chain, from point-of-origin to final destination. They will design and implement logistic solutions tailored fit to a customer's specific needs, and work with their client's company to:

  • Capture high-service capacity by contracting equipment

  • Convert traditional one-way lanes into dedicated tours

  • Provide a consistent high level of service

  • Strengthen relationships with shippers and customers

Tax Recovery Services:

WEL Companies' tax recovery staff is adept in tax issues affecting the trucking industry. Based on their experience, they are confident enough that they can help the customers save tax dollars. WEL's staff assiduously researches the state and federal regulations that affect the customer's company. They stay current on all changes affecting reefer fuel tax regulations.

Tax recovery services (TRS) has proven to be a professional, and inexpensive tax consultation service for trucking companies. TRS will review reefer fuel related taxes that clients are currently paying, and find ways to save client's money. It is an effortless process for the customer. TRS will arrange the appropriate forms, attach all needed documentation, and deliver the finished product.

TRS Can Help a Client Save:

  • TRS specializes in reefer fuel tax recovery

  • TRS has recovered over $3 million dollars for the clients they have worked with

  • TRS has worked with more than 200 clients

  • TRS is paid a percentage of refunds, or credits their clients receive

  • TRS is current with the tax laws and regulations in all states that allow fuel-tax refunds

  • If no tax savings can be found, there is no fee

According to Manta.com, WEL Companies, Inc.'s annual revenue ranges from $100-500 Million and the number of employees they've hired is estimated at 500 to 1000. The future is bright for WEL Companies, Inc. as they continue to play a vital role in enabling their clients to meet their goals in today's competitive marketplace.