Cobra CB Radios: Increasing Improvement


Among the culture signs of the trucking world, the CB radio is an indispensable piece of equipment in any truck. Among the CB radio brands there are some of them that have made history and tradition. The reliability and the innovation according to the needs of the drivers are their elements of success. Cobra is one of them.


Cobra Electronics Corporation is one of the companies recognized by the public because of the innovation of its equipment. Cobra does not only make CB radios, but it is specialized in two-way radio appliances like marine communication radios, GPS, GMRS/FRS radios, 10 meter Radios, Mobile navigation and more.


For the CB radios, the philosophy of Cobra is to give the same power of transmission and reception for all its models. The difference among the models is the other characteristics that improve the handling and the range.


Cobra CB radios have technologic innovations like the noise blanker that clear the ignition noise, and filter the noise of the reception. The RF Gain Control helps to control the sensitivity of the reception and the SWR meter adjusts the antenna to the CB band.  The dynamike control is for the emission, it amplifies the output of the microphone.


Some Cobra CB radios include the National Weather Service reports through weather channels. The latest radio models also have the Single Sideband system (SSB), which allows the radio a different mode of transmission besides the AM regular transmission of the CB radio. It is a 12 watts transmission that improves pretty much the transmission.


The Cobra CB radios could cost you from $65 to almost $180 (all new ones). The cheapest radio – the 19 DX IV model – is a compact version with all the basic features of the CobraÂâ€Ã¢„¢s and a LCD display plus the RF Gain and instant 9 and 19 channels.


The more expensive radio model, the 148 GTL, it is a classic but improved one. It has the SWR system, the SSB transmission in the channels 40 and 80, the dynamike boost and RF gain. 


Cobra also offers models with shape innovations like the All in handset mobile models.  These models have all the controls and the microphone compact in the hand. They also have the soundtracker system to improve the signal, weather channels, LCD panel and more.


The newest Cobra model offers the power, Dynamike Boost, instant channel 9 and 19 plus the new NightWatch Iluminated Panel made for the easy control of the driver during the dark hours.