Galaxy Radio: Reliability On the Air


Galaxy Radios for Citizen Band use have been introduced to the CB appliances market, because of the many advantages of its designs and technologies. Galaxy has produced two basic lines of CB radios called the DX 959 and DX 949.


The users of Galaxy CB radios can enjoy technologies such as the possibilities of reading AM, SSB (Single Side Band), SWR scale and more. Also, these radios have the Galaxy Noise Filter to improve reception signal, automatic SWR Circuit, talk back circuit and Roger beep system. All the Galaxy CB appliances have two years of warranty.


Besides the above benefits, the DX 959 series includes features like the five digit display of the frequency, a clarifier option, dimmer control, microphone gain and more. The capacity of transmission of the GalaxyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s is of 4 Watts for AM and 12 Watts for the PEP.


CB radios from DX 949 series offers the same basic characteristics but it also adds for the comfort and utility of the user the pre wired FC 347 frequency counter, noise blanker plus automatic noise limiter.


Some of the new models for the Galaxy family are the DX 919,929 and 979. The latest Galaxy CB radios are more compact than the conventional and have a frequency counter Jack on Back, adjustable dimmer control, microphone Jack located in the front panel instead of the side in the last model and it has a high SWR alert circuit.


The price of one Galaxy CB radio oscillates from $125 to $170 for new ones. The price changes according with the new technologies included and the AM and SSB reception capacity of the radio.