Maintenance: Long Life for Trailers


Just like the tractor machine, the trailer also needs maintenance. Trailer and fleet owners tend to forget this principle until ten years have passed for the trailer without frequent maintenance and it starts to give serious problems. To repair the trailer becomes very costly and the owner stars to look for a newer trailer.


The truth is that conscious maintenance would have prevented larger costs and it would have extended the life of the trailer.


Maintenance starts with the adequate use of the trailer. Vans used for freight heavier than their capacity usually end with a collapsed floor, damaged walls and such things. The extreme and constant use of the trailer adds to the causes of the deteriorating of the trailer. Trailers with the proper freight live more.


Next point of carelessness in maintenance is the periodical lubricating process. The lubricating and sealing of the leaks is a useful procedure that maintains a long lasting care of the axles and brakes shoes. But the problem is that many trailer owners apply one lubrication procedure to trailer and then forget to do it again. But even if the lubrication lasts a very long time, it does not mean that you should not check constantly those parts and repair the leaks quickly.


For safety, the lights of the trailer must be checked more frequently than other things. Traditional lights brake easily during the travel of the trailers. But the new technology of LED lights (light emitting diode) seems to reduce the light problem. LEDÂâ€Ã¢„¢s are stronger than traditional lights and do not brake during the trip. But also they need to be checked periodically.


Moisture is the greatest enemy of the trailers. Moisture is a factor for corrosion, and this causes the putrefaction of the floor, especially in the plywood trailers.


To keep the moisture inside the limits, the trailer must be watched and the perforations on the floor or on the foam of the reefer must be repaired on time. It is also necessary to seal the joints and apply coat to the coupler assembly.


Some other very important things to be inspected and adjusted are the brakes and the trailerÂâ€Ã¢„¢s tires. Brakes need regular adjustment, many people do not know how the Air Brake System of the trailer works and they do not understand the danger of lock brakes. Lock or blocked trailer brakes could drag the truck during a maneuver and cause an accident.


To avoid the lock brakes, it is important to apply pressure on the balance tires and to do the adjustment of the brake to avoid that one piece of the system is overworked than another, because this causes the blocking.


Technology is trying to help the owners maintain a more efficient life for the trailer. Many trailers could be improved by the air ride suspensions system just like trucks. Air suspension reduces the impact of the stress on the road and during the loading procedure.


Many builders are simplifying the number of harnesses and wires to avoid electrical problems and tire manufactures are producing tires with higher capacities of saving weight and fuel. Even with these advances, software developers offer the truckers user-friendly and easy software to help in the schedule and process of the trailer inspection, which is the most basic and primary way to maintain a healthy treatment for a long life of the trailer.