A Double-Edged Job

By: Bubbajunk.com

While transporting materials to and from specific destinations, truck drivers are exposed to different incidents, injuries, and even diseases at the highways. Matters are even worse because most drivers do not know that this job brings chronic health problems impeding tranquility and good health. For instance, the risk of road accidents like the overturning of heavily loaded trucks due to long driving hours, terrible climate and road conditions, short rest periods, use of alcohol, mechanical failure or high speeds. Physical injuries may also occur while changing tires, descending and climbing from a high truck or cabin ladder, and performing field repair-work, unfastening tight bands and ropes.
Some instances of common injuries include legs, back, arms and hands pains as a consequence of uncomfortable seats for hours. Other aspects contributing to health deterioration are eating disorders because of irregular diet habits and stress; visual problems by inadequate illumination; development of lumbago by poor vehicle suspension; hypnotic hallucinations and psychic disorders by stress factors.

Besides, drivers are easily targets of physical violence and vandalism acts in the roadside rest places. The prolonged exposure to ionizing radiation, ultraviolet radiation, and climatic factors like cold, wind, humidity or heat may produce serious health effects. In addition, when leaving and entering the climatic-conditioned cabin, the body is undergoing sudden ambient changes which provoke colds and rheumatic diseases. The constant engine noise causes severe headaches and hearing loss. The normal functioning of abdominal organs, chest, and the musculoskeletal system is altered due to whole-body vibrations causing tiredness.
There is also a great risk of having accidents but most importantly detrimental health effects while hauling hazardous substances such as strong chemicals, explosives and flammables and dust-forming bulk. The frequent contact with chemicals causes skin illnesses. Thus, for instance, inhalation of gasoline and diesel-fuel fumes and several automobile fluids are toxic substances for humans. If you are a truck driver, pay attention to the health effects stated above so that you can take the necessary cautions to avoid physical and mental injuries.