Owner of Kinnard Trucking Inc., Lived by the Golden Rule

By: Bubbajunk.com

Billie Metzger, daughter of Ronald Workman, said his father was a bright, hard-working man who lived by the golden rule.

"He really believed in treating people as you want to be treated," said Metzger, 35, of Spring Grove. "He cared about people, his employees, his family. He was very successful and very humble, too."

Owner and Operator of local Kinard Trucking Inc., Ronald Workman, passed away at his Spring Grove home on Monday. He was 62. Metzger said he wrestled brain cancer. Being in business for 25 years he retired from the company this year.

Another of Ronald Workman's survivors is his son, Brian Workman, designated as the vice president of Kinard Trucking.

According to the 37-year old Brian Workman, of Spring Grove, his father helped incorporate the company in 1970, working with then father-in-law, Richard Kinard, during those days.

Wilbur Kinard, Brian Workman's and Billie Metzger's great-grandfather, is the institution who started Kinard Trucking in 1924.

Statements from the employees about Ronald Workman was released by the company:

John Kunkel a Kinard Trucking dispatcher, said he worked for Workman for 33 long years. "He made it enjoyable to come to work every day," Kunkel said. "He was a great businessman that I always looked up to."

Customer service representative, Lisa Weaver, remembers Ronald Workman as a "sincere, caring person" who led by example.

Jen Crider, who is from the Kinard Trucking's billing department, revealed that he was a kind and generous man, who "never thought he was special just because he owned a company or was the boss."

For Vickie Senft, an employee who works in the accounts payable department, Ronald Workman was more than a boss. "He was someone that made his employees feel important and part of the success of Kinard Trucking," she said. "He always had an open door, a big heart and was there for all of his employees."

Metzger fondly recalls that her father was an upbeat and happy person, who also enjoyed playing golf and flying his airplane to his Ocean City, Md., property.

"He's a great man, and he will be missed by a lot of people," she said. "He touched a lot of lives in his lifetime."

Brian Workman is glad to say that his father treated him with respect and honor. He also revealed that his father was the best man at his wedding.

Brian said he was delighted to have the opportunity to work for/with his father, and took pleasure in those experiences.

"There were times when we agreed to disagree," Brian Workman said. "But at the end of the day, we always walked out as father and son."