Chief Pasdons Says, No Answers, No Permit!


PEABODY — Despite the fact it was granted a license to store 110,000 gallons of gasoline, a truck repair business on Forest Street still requires a Fire Department permit, and Chief Steve Pasdon is not yet convinced to issue one.

Wood Trucking at 278 Forest St. Got a 10-1 vote from the City Council, which is in favor of granting a license to the company. The approval, however, came with diverse conditions recommended by Pasdon that warrant the introduction of security cameras, perimeter fence, and instructions for the distance gasoline tankers must be kept from each other and all other combustibles.

Before Pasdon starts to consider to issue a permit for Wood Trucking, he is yet to receive answers to queries he put the screws to the state Board of Fire Prevention. He was still adamant in denying the company the permit it needed.

In September, when the license first came before the council, Pasdon was opposed to it due to the safety risk the tankers presented to not far away homes and business establishments. He warned the councilors that, according to the regulations, even an empty tank should be regarded full for the intentions of licensing and giving permits. Pasdon has asked to board to make sense of whether he can grant a permit that takes empty tanks for granted.

Wood Trucking's attorney, Joseph Spinale, has said repairs can't take place unless the tankers are empty. Since 1996, Wood has serviced trucks and hasn't met any incident, he said.

Peabody added a full-time fire inspector and launched the Peabody Safe Neighborhood Chemical and Flammable Initiative in 2008, an attempt to close gaps in local oversight after the Danvers explosion incident. Its

Its purpose was to lay fingers on unlicensed businesses or businesses without a permit operating with hazardous materials.

Fire officials discovered the Forest Street operation more than a year ago but have not been able to reach an agreement on how to take the edge off the risks at the site.