Family-owned Stroud Business Challenged by Water, Now Fire


A business with a long history in the Poconos was also devastated when flames swallowed up Cyphers Truck Parts on Monday, November 30.

A brick-and-mortar shop on West Main Street owned by Carl Cyphers, selling everything from truck brakes to engine oil to filters. When Carl's father, Claude Cyphers, began the business in Stroudsburg in the mid-1940s, it had many facets to it.

Carl Cyphers is the owner of the business' current incarnation — a brick-and-mortar shop on West Main Street that sells everything from truck brakes to engine oil to filters — but when Carl's father, Claude Cyphers, started the business in Stroudsburg in the mid-1940s, it had many features to it.

To make ends meet, Claude Cyphers initially dealt in coal, trucks, truck parts, and even fruits from his home on Ann Street. Near his house. Claude had a coal yard and was a big player in the coal-distribution industry around Stroudsburg.

During those days, a lot of buildings, including schools, consumed coal for heat. Claude had the goods and would sell them throughout the vicinity, using trucks to deliver the coal.

When the great flood of 1955 engulfed Stroudsburg, Claude's business experienced tough times.

He lost thousands of pounds of coal including the delivery trucks in the calamity. Instead of being worried of his business, he thought of others instead and used a tractor he owned to help his neighbors move their cars to a higher ground so it wouldn't be ruined by the cascading water.

Claude met his maker in 1964 at the age of 62. Claude's wife, Pauline, needed someone to help her run the business and Carl had just graduated from college in Texas. He came back to Stroudsburg to attend to the task. In 1965, Carl transferred the business to West Main Street in because the borough wanted to use their property to build a municipal parking lot.

At that time, the West Main Street store sold trucks; it was used as an auto inspection station; it accommodated coal; and it sold spare parts of Diamond T trucks. Diamond T is a red dump truck that was popular those days, it is huge and flashy.

Cyphers Truck Parts ventured on other brand-name trucks as well as truck parts after Diamond T closed down its business. In the course of time, it just sold truck parts.

Hours after the fire ripped up the store, on Monday afternoon, Carl and Lanette ,his wife, stood in front of the building, which was burnt down and in ruins.

"It's painful," said Carl, as he gazed at safety and construction crews rip down what was left of the building. While the Cyphers have insurance, they are not sure if they are still going to rebuild the business. Luckily, a warehouse filled with trucking equipment behind the West Main Street store wasn't affected by the fire, which spared the couple a tiny bit of grief.

For the most part, the Cyphers, who resides next to the business, appeared to be in decent spirits Monday afternoon. Even though Carl cringe when constructions workers tore down a free-standing wall that used to help us his business, he agreed that he is still fortunate that he had deep ties to the community in these challenging times.

He said it means a lot to him to see all the people that they've know through the years – their customers, their neighbors, their church family – stopped by to show support.