Roadway Express Offers Security and Protection to Shippers


AKRON, Ohio - March 21, 2005 - Roadway Express provides extra security and protection while shipping goods for its customers with the Sealed Divider  Service. Shipments are placed behind a customized barrier, which is secured with two uniquely numbered tamper-resistant rod lock seals. Once the shipment is  loaded on a Roadway truck, it is not touched until it has been delivered to its final destination.

SQS Video in Morgantown, Pa., ships large quantities of DVDs to different locations around the country. "Our main concern is theft of our products, reducing  the inventory that is expected to arrive at the destination," stated Steve Reimer, vice president of SQS Video. "We entrust our shipments to Roadway Express  because their Sealed Divider Service is just what we need. Our shipments are packed in dedicated protected space, giving us peace of mind that our products will arrive safely."

The Roadway Sealed Divider Service provides a secure transportation environment that eliminates handling and co-mingling of shipments. The shipper pays only for the space used within a trailer.

"Roadway Express developed the Sealed Divider Service to anticipate and meet our customers' unique shipping requirements. This innovative service is part of our continuing evolution of industry-leading solutions to address the challenging needs of the marketplace," said Bob Stull, president of Roadway Express.

Roadway Sealed Divider Service has been granted patent pending status by the United States Patent Office. It is in the final stages of review before receiving full patent protection.