Overnite Transportation Company 2005 All-Star Team Logs 26 Million Safe Miles

By: Bubbajunk.com

RICHMOND, VA. Overnite Transportation Company, home to more than 6,000 professional drivers, has named 13 of its best to the companys 2005 All-Star Road Team.

In addition to acting as safety ambassadors on the road and in their communities, the 2005 All-Star team will take on the additional responsibility of training their fellow drivers in the American Trucking Associations (ATA) Highway Watch program, making Overnite the first LTL carrier to enlist all of its drivers in this national effort aimed at protecting the nation and its infrastructure.

This years team, which marks the eighth time Overnite has honored its finest drivers by appointing them as All-Star Road Team members, has collectively driven 26 million safe miles.

Leading the list of honorees is All-Star Team Captain John Browder, a 31-year Overnite road driver from Bristol, Tenn. This award-winning driver has logged more than 3 million accident-free miles during his career with the company.

Browder is joined by a dozen of Overnites finest, including Roanoke, Va., Road Driver Marty Hogan, the 2004 National Truck Driving Champion in the twins division; Doug Bonovitch, a city driver from Richmond, Va.; Salt Lake City Road Driver Gary Capps; Denver City Driver Fred Shaner; William Montanez, a road driver from Providence, R.I.; and Des Moines, Iowa, Road Driver Ron Raney.

Also named to the team are Memphis, Tenn., Road Driver Kimberly Spillers; Erie, Pa., City Driver Chris Sutton; Jerold Swain, a road driver from St. Louis, Mo.; Toledo, Ohio, Road Drivers Jon Dellabona and Jim Varga; and Dennis Worley of Richland, Wash., from the companys truckload Special Service Division.

The All-Star Road Team says a lot about the caliber of drivers who work for the company, and this crew exemplifies Overnites tradition of safety-conscious professional drivers who go the extra mile to serve our customers and their communities every day, Vice President-Safety and Security Phil Warren said. They are top-notch in every regard.

Selection of Overnite's road team members is based on a driver's safety record, community and company involvement, performance, communication skills and driving awards. Modeled after the ATA's America's Road Team, Overnite's All-Stars serve for one year, making public appearances to speak about safety issues and driver professionalism to students, trade groups, civic organizations and in media interviews across the country.