HOGAN TRANSPORTS, INC. Wins TCA'S Grand Prize Fleet Safety Award

By: Bubbajunk.com

Orlando - The Truckload Carriers Association, the largest  organization of Truckload Carriers in North America (TCA) is pleased to announce the winner of the highly-coveted Grand Prize in the 2002 National Fleet Safety Awards: Hogan Transports, Inc., of Saint Louis, Missouri. The award was presented at the March 11th Annual Banquet & Awards Dinner in Orlando, Florida.

The Truckload Carriers Association and the truckload industry are dedicated to improving the safety of all fleets and our nation's highways. All participants in this award program must prove their commitment to safety, and each Grand Prize winner is recognized nationally for making safety the number one priority.

Hogan Transports, Inc. strives to ensure safety by providing an extensive program that meets both the driver and company needs. The safety department includes a Fatigue Supervisor who monitors all drivers on the road between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. Since the addition of this supervisor Hogan's fatigue-related accidents have been reduced by 83%, pleasing both drivers and the company. Hogan employs technology to promote safety as well. Trucks are equipped with an electronic device that determines driver abuse from hard breaking, over-speeds, or engine failure. Additionally, Hogan Transports convenes a monthly safety committee of the President, Operations Management, Safety Management and insurance consultants to review and analyze accidents and work injuries.

Drivers appreciate Hogan Transport's Winter Weather Shutdown Policy, which sends a fleet-wide message shutting down any area deemed unsafe for driving. Hogan praises safe drivers through a rewards program that includes shirts, watches and rings, the Hogan "Wall of Fame" recognizing drivers with one or more years of safe driving and the prestigious Million Mile Club.

The seriousness with which Hogan Transports approaches safety is obvious in its Grand Prize application "As a motor carrier, we have the ultimate responsibility to perform our work and driving skills in a professional manner. It is our duty and ethical responsibility to drive in a manner that reflects a genuine concern for the motoring public."

The judging process began with the determination of the top companies in each of six mileage divisions. The division winners were selected based on accident frequency only. The top three winners in each division were then able to compete for the grand prize. The grand prize winning company was judged on their excellent overall safety programs, both on and off-highway. During the judging, some of the factors considered included safety program organization, employee driver/independent contractor selection procedures, training, supervision, accident investigation, inspection and maintenance of equipment, and outside activities including general highway  safety. In an effort to ensure the highest level of integrity to the contest, all grand prize finalists were audited by independent auditors not affiliated with TCA or the carrier.