Sweet smell of success for TNT Container Logistics

By: Bubbajunk.com

TNT Container Logistics has signed a new three year contract with British Sugar to supply bulk containers and liners for delivering liquid sugar to customers.


By using the re-usable TNT Pallecon Food Grade 1,000 litre containers, British Sugar can ship

25 percent more product per pallet space than if it uses the more traditional 220kg barrels significantly reducing both storage and haulage costs.


After emptying, the Pallecons can be folded down, allowing five units to pack into a single pallet space further reducing the transport requirement on the return or onward journey. Each individual Pallecon is tracked by its unique identification number, ensuring optimum cycle times are achieved for the customer.


The two companies have worked together for over ten years and the number of Pallecons used by British Sugar has grown by more than 70 percent over that time.


More and more of British Sugars customers are recognizing the benefits of the Pallecons, explains Mark Hammond, TNT Container Logistics Business Development Manager - Food Sector. The Pallecons save space and reduce manual handling. They also help improve the companies environmental and health and safety records and help them comply with all the new regulations.


British Sugar, which processes UK sugar beet crop, supplies liquid sugar, syrups and treacles to a wide range of customers including bakeries, fruit processors, drink producers and flavour houses.


British Sugar also uses the containers to supply its growing Mainland Europe customer base. It can use the TNT Container Logistics de-hiring facilities in Milan, Hamburg, Paris, Arnhem and Madrid, allowing it to offer customers cost effective one-way bulk consignments.


Jason Morris of British Sugar says he has seen customer demand for the Pallecons continue to rise over recent years. TNT has always been able to provide an excellent service, both in terms of technical back-up for our customers and in tracking support to ensure we know exactly where our fleet is at any given time. We look forward to the next three years of trading with TNT Container Logistics.