Saia Launches Xtreme Guarantee


Less Than Truckload carrier will fully guarantee all Customer Service Indicators

Duluth, GA - May 22, 2005 - Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) industry leader Saia, a wholly owned subsidiary of SCS Transportation, Inc., (NASDAQ: SCST), has announced the June 13 launch of the Xtreme Guarantee. The product will guarantee all six of the company's proprietary Customer Service Indicators with a full money-back pledge.

The new Xtreme Guarantee will utilize Saia's Customer Service Indicators to guarantee that shipments will:

-Be picked up on the day Saia commits
-Be delivered by 5:00 p.m. based on scheduled transit times
-Be delivered claims free
-Receive accurate invoices
-Receive Proof of Deliveries, if requested, within 5 minutes
-Have all approved customer claims settled within 30 days
-The Xtreme Guarantee provides a guarantee of the total customer satisfaction experience by guaranteeing the Customer Service Indicator measurements for -customers who are on Saia's current 5700 rate base and the Saia 170 rules tariff. A failure of any of the criteria will result in a refund of the entire invoice.

"The Customer Service Indicators keep us focused on what is important to the customer," said Saia President & CEO Rick O'Dell. "We asked our customers what is important to them and they determined the criteria we measure.

O'Dell continued: "Through our CSI implementation and growth, Saia has achieved a level of operational excellence that has allowed us the opportunity to offer new products and services, like the new Xtreme Guarantee, to our customers."

Saia was the first company in the industry to offer an automatic delivery guarantee for no additional charge, through the IGO, Intrastate Guarantee Offer, product that was introduced in 2001. IGO automatically guaranteed all intrastate deliveries for field level customers.

"With our Xtreme Guarantee, Saia continues on its path of providing customers with all they need in an LTL shipping partner," said O'Dell. "Our desire to build our company totally around customer needs and priorities allows us to raise the bar on what a guarantee can truly be."

The Saia Xtreme Guarantee allows our customers the peace of mind of knowing that freight delivered with Saia is supported by a guarantee like no other, O'Dell added.

"We expect to generate growth and enhance customer loyalty from this new product offering," O'Dell said.