Peterbilt Trucks: The Birth of a Legend


T.A. Peterman had an inner passion: trucks. Despite this fact there was a time when he felt that he couldnt find a truck of his liking and thats when he decided to build his own truck.   

In 1939 he acquired the Fageol Truck and Coach Factory. Peterman wanted to have a place where he could modify old trucks at his will and this plant served his purpose. He began to envision the standard that he wanted for his trucks, with this concept in mind he built a truck with the best quality ever seen. 

His design began to give him a reputation. He kept manufacturing trucks and branded them Peterbilt (name of a line of wooden doors that one of his companies manufactured).   

During World War II, T.A. decided to pursue government contracts for heavy duty trucks instead of assembling combat vehicles. Unfortunately T.A. Peterman died from cancer after the War. Ida, his widow took care of his business affairs.

The direction of the company took a different turn in 1946 when five of the companys main employees and outside investors purchased Peterbilt Motors from Ida Peterman for $450 000.   

L.A. Lundstrum was named President of Peterbilt Motors and their development continued; by 1947 their income surpassed $4 500 000 while trucks were manufactured on a daily basis. 

Pacific Car and Foundry Company (PACCAR) acquired Peterbilt Motors in 1958 as an unincorporated division.

Today T.A. Petermans dream is more alive than ever, Peterbilt continues to progress as new challenges lie ahead. The company maintains Petermans original vision: the manufacture of high quality, innovative heavy duty trucks that surpass customer needs and expectations.