Roll Stability Control Makes Sense for Prime Inc.


Prime Inc. announces the implementation of "Roll Stability Control (RSC)" on every additional truck to their fleet. Prime adds an average of 80 trucks to their operations per month. Prime Inc. feels the return on investment lies within the safety of their drivers, the transit of customers' cargo, and America's passenger vehicles. Prime is one of the first trucking companies to incorporate RSC into their new 2005 model year fleet trucks. The RSC system device focuses on a vehicle's center of gravity, the lateral acceleration limit (rollover threshold) and wheel speed. RSC is designed specifically to help maintain truck/trailer stability and aid in reducing vehicle rollovers.

When RSC senses conditions that may result in a rollover, the system can reduce engine torque, engage the engine retarder, apply proper pressure to the drive axle brakes and, if required, modulate the trailer brakes with just enough pressure to slow the vehicle. Although rollovers do not happen that often, they are one of the most prevalent accidents among truckload carriers. "It is estimated that this system will reduce rollovers by 60 percent, states Bill Taylor, Prime Inc.'s Director of Maintenance. Prime experienced $3.2 million in freight, trailer and truck damage last year due to rollovers. We are continually looking at safety and cost saving devices for our equipment, drivers and nation's highways. This [RSC] technology should reduce our costs associated with rollovers to around $1.3 million while increasing safety," Bill Taylor continues.