"The Golden Age of Trucking" Museum Educates and Entertains

By: Bubbajunk.com

In 1998 Richard Guerrera founded the "The Golden Age of Trucking" Museum as a none-profit organization in Middlebury, Connecticut. Sadly he died before they began construction of his museum but his widow Frances carried on with his dream. The museum was built and in 2002 it started to admit visitors.

The museum has different areas; certain areas are designed to attract the attention of every kind of visitor.  One of the galleries contains The Guerrera antiques which are set to be part of the museum forever. Theres also a series of loaned exhibits. These displays are on loan for one year so that the museum can rotate them afterwards showing new and exciting attractions every year.  Memory Lane is the name of the section of the museum that displays antique pedal cars and collectibles.  There is also a movie theater called Media on West Main, it shows a movie called "Moving History". Its a 35 minute documentary about moving the Edaville Railroad from Carver, Massachusetts to Portland, Maine. They also have other movies that visitors can request.

The museum's art gallery is called Founders Gallery and hosts an exhibit of artist Brian Colbath called "Yesterday's Trucks, Today's Memories". These paintings are in commemorative watercolors.

Adult visitors can read comfortably in Library Lane, an area designed exclusively for them.  Children also have their own space. Interactive Interstate is an area that has ride-on toys, desks and books. Children and adults can pretend that theyre driving a truck if they get into the Volvo cut-away tractor that this area has.  In Waramaug Way, visitors can drink a cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea while eating cookies and admiring antique boats.

If you are in the area, take the time to to stop by and experience the wonderful history the trucking industry has to offer.