Trucks to Remember


For those who are in love with the truck world, it is not difficult to make a list of the best brands of big rigs in the United States. But the truth is that lists and reviews could be biased as they are made from many different points of view. Among the lists we usually see are the most beautiful trucks, the most popular, the most expensive or the cheapest.


But the sales ranking could tell us some of the truck preferences in the country. Automotive News and the Forbes magazine say that the company with more sales until April 2005 was Freigthliner and its subsidiaries, following by Paccar, Volvo, International and Mack. There should be some reasons for the preference in the market. So, we must see some features not only of each company but of the trucks themselves.


Freightliner: Top of the Hop 


With more than 17,000 trucks sold until April 2005 Freightliner trucks is the first one in review. As a company, Freightliner is part of Daimler Chrysler business and produces also the Sterling and Western Star truck models. But Freightliner is almost an icon of the trucking business and lifestyle.


Even though the Daimler Chrysler company has an American-European ownership, Freightliner is mainly an American company. There are few people who have not seen a Freightliner truck picture in some place. The Freightliner trucks are considered as classic beauties of the long hauling, both the straight and flat front truck, and the classic truck.


Freightliner trucks are made on the basis of maneuverability, visibility, comfort, durability and of course, innovation. This manufacturer is known to introduce most of the basic and best technologies improvements for the trucks.


In the Freightliner headquarters in Oregon, they produce the lines of Century, Columbia, Coronado, Classic, Argosy (flat nose one), FLD, Business Class and Condor. Each one created for different necessities of the trucking business and drivers.


According to the principles of manufacturing, the Freightliner offers comfort on the cabs from the panel and gauges to the sleeper, ultimate suspension systems and the well known Detroit Diesel engines, Mercedes Benz, Carterpillar and Cummins engines depending of the truck needs. Those engines could develop up to 625 horsepower and serve with fuel economy during the travel.


All these efficiencies and high prestige is not a cheap buy. The prices of the Freightliners, as it happens with the other trucks, depend of the year, the model, power and characteristics of the truck. But the prices could oscillate between $10,000 (bargain of 90Ââ€Ã¢„¢s models) to $50,000. A used 2006 Freightliner could cost $100,000.


Kenworth: Versatility


Some people say that Kenworth trucks are the most versatile and useful trucks, especially for the owner operators. This is because Kenworth trucks are built in order to work for different environments; from the farm hauling through the long hauling or heavy freight carrying.


Kenworth manufacturer is part of the Paccar Company, which also makes the Peterbilt trucks. The trucks are also a classic because they have more than 75 years making those loved trucks. One of the most popular Kenworth models is the K104, which can be used for medium distance or for long hauling. The K104 is famous for the low maintenance, the power of the engine (could be a Cummnis, Caterpillar or Detroit) with 600 hp, and the Airglide suspension system.


A Kenworth truck can be found in pleasant prices. Used Kenworth trucks prices can start with good buys of $10,000 up to $30,000 for more sophisticated trucks. A 2004 Kenworth truck 2004 can cost $75,000 for example.


Peterbilt: Style 


The other member of Paccar family is the Peterbilt truck. Peterbilt brand is synonymous with a classic too, but mostly of beauty. The most traditional characteristic of the Peterbilt truck is its long nose as classic part of the style. You should see its red and silver front mark in many beauty contests. 


Peterbilt model 379 is possibly the classic inside the classic Peterbilts. Long nose, aluminum hood, stainless steel grille and 600 horsepower are the basics features of the truck. A Peterbilt 379 can be useful as a tractor or as a truck, can be used as a day cab or with a sleeper cab (the cab can be removed for this purpose).


The modern designs of Peterbilt manufacturer as the 386 model combine the versatility and reliability of the classic with new aerodynamics designs as the outfit and ergonomic innovation to the inside comfort of the driver. You can also find sale opportunities in Peterbilt trucks, but usually a Peterbilt used truck can be bought from $30,000 to $50,000.


Mack: Tradition


Mack manufacturer would probably be part of this list with almost 6,000 trucks sold until April 2005, . But with Mack trucks is more age and tradition matter than quantity. There are some particularities of the Mack truck that make it a prestigious brand. And it is not only the Bulldog that travels on the front of the truck.


Mack trucks are part of Volvo Group, which also manufactures trucks. But as an American company, Mack exists since 1900 and is one of the largest truck manufacturers. For this reason, Mack has a museum in which it is shown the history of the trucks. The Mack Trucks Historical Museum is located in Pennsylvania.


Mack trucks come in many types. The company has specialized in very different kinds of heavy duty trucks, not only in the long hauling ones. Trucks for highways, construction and refuse or waste treatment with the Mack brand are well known on these industries.


The other particularity of the Mack truck is that –contrary to the others brands- Mack makes its own engines. In every Mack truck there is a Mack Powertrain engine, transmission and axles. In this complete manufacturer philosophy, Mack trucks made for the freight long hauling –called Vision model- includes comfort on the cab and the sleeper, air suspensions, strong but lighter chassis.