Uniden CB Radios: Available Technology

By: Bubbajunk.com

One of the most preferred and reliable CB radio appliances for the truck drivers in America are the Uniden brand radios. Curiously, Uniden Communication Innovator is a Japanese company. His founder, Hidero Fujimoto had a dream in 1966 for a company that developed and built the technologies of radio and cordless communication equipment. Now, Uniden has mainly matrix locations in Japan, Europe and North America.


Fort Worth, Texas is the city where Uniden America produces cordless telephones, scanners, FRS/GMRS radios, marine radios and CB radios since 1979. Talking about CB radios, Uniden makes nine different models of radios. Each one has the high technology mark and the well construction remarkable in the Uniden CB radios.


The latest one is the PC78 Elite model, which is part of the Bearcat Pro Series and accomplishes the desires of the truckers not only in look but in performance capacity. The PC78 Elite includes the dynamic squelch control, auto noise blanker, innovation as the RF gain, PA to CB switch, ergonomic pistol grip microphone, seven weather channels, delta tune and a front panel with chrome controls and night vision look.


Another member of the Bearcat Pro Series is the classic PC78LTW. This radio improves the use of the CB radio not only by the good outfit but by the many features. PC78LTW has the noise blanker, 7 weather channels, RF gain and the TX/RX indicator plus the SWR calibration to improve the signal and reception of the radio, the signal meter, weather alert and the PA/CB switch. The chrome appeal is enriched by the night vision control panel, rugged front microphone with an extra long cord.


On the side of the compact and cheaper CB radios, Uniden offers to the customer models like the PRO520XL, a very compact appliance. The radio counts with the basics features of the Uniden brand such as the RF gain, the PA/CB switch and full 40 channels with the instant channel 9 for emergencies.


The prices of the Uniden CB radio depends of the kind of model you want. The cheaper ones could cost you almost $40, and the most sophisticated like the EliteÂâ€Ã¢„¢s radio could you cost more than $100.