What U.S. Truckers Face in Iraq

By: Bubbajunk.com

More than two years have gone by since the day that the United States invaded Iraq. After this invasion, National Guard units or firms like KBR required thousands of truck drivers. Drivers mention some reasons why they accepted these offers: annual salaries of approximately $120,000 are a top the list; considering that this money is tax-free, there is no wonder why they decide to go. Other reasons include patriotism and the desire for adventure.

Patriotism because they know that their work and commitment is important; it can become a fundamental part of the effort that the U.S. has to put to rebuild Iraq and restore peace. If a truck driver lacks of sense of adventure then this journey is not for him; truckers from all parts of the world come to Iraq because the jobs pay well, especially the ones hauling freight, but the dangers are as high as the pay. For instance, many private contractors have been targeted by insurgents.   

U.S. truckers that come to Iraq have to learn to deal with long days on the road, hot weather and time apart from their family. They work between 85 and 95 hours a week not to mention the difficult conditions that they have to face; but this is just the beginning: there is the chance of getting shot or captured in the desert or dying in a blazing roadside explosion. As you can see there is no money in the world that can compensate these daily dangers; but ultimately, the choice is yours.