What Truckers That Work on Christmas Face

By: Bubbajunk.com

Imagine that it is Christmas evening and you pass near a truck stop, just picture yourself inside this place; it is a certain fact that you will find a lot of truckers wishing to be anywhere but in a truck stop.

Most would rather be at home with their family and friends but the need of money drives them towards their truck. Some might have been on the road for months; they miss being home but they still have to work on Christmas. They need to do it because people all around the U.S. require the haul of packages and products like milk among other things.

Many truckers do not think that working on Christmas is worth it. This experience is well paid but tough. Most of them eat alone, sleep for a while, and then, around 3 a.m., they have to hit the road again. But that is not all, mornings are really lonely, the fog absorbs their will making them feel as lonely as a kid in a home for elderly persons.

Almost every truck driver that had to work on Christmas has decided to stop doing it; they feel that one time was more than enough. The days when Christmas was spent at home with their parents eating the Christmas dinner that mother prepared are behind; seems like they were in another life. Instead of opening the presents they have to open the boxes of the cargo that they haul.